The company’s primary focus is the hauling and delivery of quality aggregate materials since 1972.

Aggregate Materials & Services

Aggregate Hauling

We are committed to helping you get reliable, product-specific information about the aggregates you need.


We have two front end-loaders to provide you with the aggregates you need.

Tarp Systems

We install electric Aero Tarp Systems which protect your loads.

Bed Liners

Our trailer liners are white-blue stripe liners measuring ¼ of an inch by 10 feet wide.

Aggregate Material

Aggregates are essential components of construction materials. We have 10 varieties of aggregates to meet any of your project needs.

Public Weighing Scale

We have a fully calibrated scale to ensure you are receiving the amount of material you ordered.

Why us?

50 Years Experience

Trust, dedication, and excellence have been our foundation.

LMTA Member

We have been a member of the LA Motor Transport Association for 20 years.

Licensed and Insured

We are a licensed and fully insured local business to serve your needs.


Transparency is a main focus of our business and the type of communication we strive for.